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Meet Ashleigh Doig

Ashley Doig
Ashleigh Doig
Ashleigh's role as National Manager – Nutrition Services (NOR)

Ashleigh joined us in 2010 as an Activelife Coach based on one of the largest remote mining villages in Australia. Today, she is the National Manager – Nutrition Services (NOR) for ESS sites across Australia. Her main role is to manage the development and day to day implementation of the TasteLife – nutrition program on our remote sites. This includes, development of health promotion tools, menu analysis, nutritional education and training to our staff, village residents and clients. Ashleigh works closely with the menu management team and our chefs to ensure the menus have a healthy focus, and meet all relevant nutritional requirements.

Customer Focus

“I love knowing the program has the ability to help change someone’s life. A simple conversation you can have with a resident can trigger a change in behaviour and put them on a track to better health and wellbeing. It’s a very challenging role, as you have to keep on top of all the new fads and diets that pop up, and make sure you are always giving people the most practical, well researched advice. Everyone is different, so the advice you give to one person, may not be relevant for the next, so you really need to take the time to listen to people, and hear their concerns.”

Rewarding work

“I find every day rewarding, as Compass Group has given me the ability to work in the area that I am most passionate about, and have the ability to make a difference in people’s overall health and wellbeing.”

“One moment that stands out is a conversation I had with a resident on site. He was so motivated to lose weight, and I asked him what changes he had already made in his lifestyle. His simple reply was that he had started to follow the nutrition labelling guide on site, and made sure to only choose the healthier labelled choices. His drive and willpower to make a change for the better was so inspiring, it reinforced to me just how important the program is on our sites.”


“I am really passionate about health, and the importance of finding a balance between healthy eating and exercise. Compass Group’s Health and Wellbeing program combines both these areas, and also the importance of good mental health, meaning I can have the best of both worlds!”

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