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Modern Cafe

Modern Café embraces bright colours and tactile textures to create a contemporary café look for workplaces.

The Modern Café concept is a design concept and not a brand. It therefore has flexibility to be tailored to a site environment to offer a bespoke solution.

The Modern Café concept plays on the warmth of natural earthy textures with modern classic colours, giving the café a contemporary and down-to-earth look and feel.

This modern and earthy look is achieved through the use of contrasting neutral and bright colour palettes, natural textures and premium food photography with rustic features.

The designs are flexible, allowing them to fit into a variety of retail environments and are complemented by a mixture of stylish point of sale signage.

Modern Café provides great menu options by using fresh quality products to create signature items that are sure to appeal to all appetites. The concept also ensures our clients are up-to-date with the latest function offerings through our seasonal menu launches.

Modern Cafe interior
Modern Cafe cuisine
Modern Cafe interior