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Why Compass

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Your development

When people join Compass Group, we want them to continue to grow personally and professionally. We want to keep improving every employee's diversity of skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure that they are capable of delivering fantastic service and great results.
Your rewards

We know that our people are the best, so we aim to retain our employees by having the right rewards, benefits and work environment to encourage people to stay and grow with the company.
Our values

Our Vision and Values capture in words the spirit of Compass and what we stand for. When you join Compass you will see that our values guide the decisions, actions and behaviours of our people each & every day. 

Our company - market leader delivering sustainable growth

Compass Group is a top 10 largest employer and the global market leader in providing food and a range of support services to customers in the workplace, schools and colleges, hospitals, at venues and in remote operations around the world.

Founded in 1941 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, we bring  together the combined strength of a Group which operates in around 50  countries, with more than 500,000 employees, to deliver the same  superior standards of service globally, daily, personally.

 Millions of people around the world rely on us every day to provide their  breakfasts, lunches and dinners. As more and more organisations are  choosing to outsource their food and support services to us, we retain our focus on disciplined, sustainable growth to meet their needs.For our people, this brings not only job security but a world of opportunities.

Your Career

Wherever you choose to work within Compass, you can be sure to look forward to as much choice as we offer our customers. Not only will you have fun while you work, but all our roles offer opportunities to train and grow your skills. Our experienced teams and encouraging managers will offer you the support you need to take your career in new directions

Our Diversity

We value the diversity of our people and strongly believe that the more our employees
reflect the diversity of our clients and consumers, the better equipped we are to service their needs. As an example of our ongoing commitment, women now hold 20.8% of global leadership team roles, which represents a 1.6% increase compared to last year.

Our Employee Engagement

Communication is key in all organisations and in keeping with our ‘openness, trust and integrity’ value, we have been running a biennial ‘Your Voice’ survey program since 2007, providing our people with the opportunity to give feedback on our business. The opinion of our employees is important and the diverse feedback we receive from all levels and sectors of our business is invaluable.

In 2013, we achieved an impressive response rate with more than 120,000 colleagues across 42 countries responding to our ‘Your Voice’ survey, giving us a participation rate of 79 per cent (2009: 71%).
We are delighted that so many employees have been able to communicate their views. They told us that we have built a strong performance culture, that they are clear about what is expected of them and they receive helpful feedback from their managers on their performance.

Our Shared Values

You'll find people who are passionate about what we do - the food we serve, the services we provide, our brands, our businesses, and our people.

We're very driven and we set high expectations, as do our clients and consumers. This means we expect performance and results, but provide the recognition and sense of achievement to go with it.
We try to make it an exciting place to work. Yes, it's hard work, but we aim to have some fun while we're doing it and create a wonderful team spirit that relies on openness, trust and common goals.
So, if you are a 'can-do' person, who thrives on new challenges, likes working in a team within a diverse environment and consistently delivers to the highest quality, then you'll fit right in and we'd like to have you on our team.

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