Rewards and benefits

Our people are our most valuable asset. A big part of feeling happy in your job is knowing that hard work is being recognised. And we see how hard our people work to ensure we meet the high expectations of our clients and consumers.

Compass Group offers a competitive benefits program designed to meet the diverse needs of our people.

A highlight of some of the benefits and opportunities that Compass can offer:

Star Awards
Each year we host an ‘Oscar style’ awards event in each state to recognise great people contributing to the success of the business. Awards include Barista/Chef/Manager/Site or Team of the Year, Health & Safety, Community Engagement, Environmental Impact to name a few.

Corporate Health Plan 
Eligible employees can access exclusive corporate health cover options not available to the general public and at a very competitive premium.

Preferred Benefit Providers
Employees enjoy a range of discounts and special offers from the company’s preferred benefit providers including Virgin Airlines, Dell, JB Hi-Fi, Dell to name a few

Service Awards
Compass Group has an established service recognition program that acknowledges and incentivises an employees length of service

great! Work Days
Each site or team will host a yearly event (from morning tea or lunch to barefoot bowls) aimed at acknowledging the everyday efforts of Compass Group employees and to say thank you for their contribution

Saying “thanks” means a lot. Our managers are encouraged to say “thanks” to individuals and teams throughout the year outside of service recognition and the great work days.

Compass Care
Provides premium welfare services for our employees, to assist them to full and active participation at work and enjoyment of home life

Salary Sacrifice
Eligible employees may consider taking advantage of Compass Group’s salary packaging arrangements to minimise their tax liability

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Surveys are conducted regularly to make sure we are meeting the needs of our people. We have been running a ‘Your Voice’ survey program since 2007. The opinion of our employees is important and the diverse feedback we receive from all levels and sectors of our business is invaluable. We have used this information to make changes to our rewards & benefits program and our internal recruitment process!

Compass College
Our exciting learning and development programs are available online, allowing you the option to take charge of your own development and progress your career at your own pace. Or take advantage of the huge collection and learn something new – just for fun!!

Compass provides opportunities to create diverse and fascinating career paths in a widespread geographic regions. With over 300 sites nationally there are opportunities all over Australia. Globally Compass Group operates in more than 50 countries so where you take your career is up to you!

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Be part of our team & search for jobs
Be part of our team & search for jobs