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Why Partner with DeltaFM

DeltaFM operates in a number of differing commercial environments including fixed price tenders, cost reimbursable contracts and risk/reward fee options. At all times in our operational environment we maintain the same essential elements for each project: these are great! people plus great! service which equals, great! results.

Our approach is to work in a collaborative partnership with our clients to align service needs with the business and establish optimum quality, utility and availability performance standards.

For more information on how DeltaFM can help you with your facility management needs, please contact us via the details below:

Billy Mitchell
Director - Business Development
Mob: + 61 407 793 515

Gregory Roy
Manager - Business Development
Mob: +61 417 478 353

National Office
Ph: +61 2 9797 4900

For inquiries relating to careers with DeltaFM please visit Working at Compass