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ESSential Update

Welcome to the first edition of ESSential Update, a new way for ESS to share information that may be of interest to you. Please share any feedback with us at

ESS and Compass Group recently released a white paper summarising the findings of a study we commissioned with Edith Cowan University School of Psychology and Social Sciences that investigates Fly-In/Fly-Out and Drive-in/Drive-Out worker perceptions, experiences and expectations of services provided at remote sites.

The study investigated the impacts of these factors on fitness for work and the attraction and retention of personnel. These findings, along with a range of independent research, surveys and interviews, are informing and shaping many of the concepts and innovations currently being piloted across ESS.   Information on several such initiatives can be found in the articles that follow. Click Here to Read More


As part of our ongoing efforts to positively impact the mental wellbeing of both our clients’ employees and our own employees, ESS is working with two high profile organisations to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

ESS has switched to canola oil in its kitchens throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland in an effort to remove more than 35,000 kilos of saturated fat from our customers’ diets.

The healthier monounsaturated canola oil was introduced for cooking and deep frying in our WA kitchens in November 2013 and February this year in our NT and QLD kitchens.

As consumers become more health conscious and look for greater transparency in the nutritional values of their meals, ESS is piloting a new offering at select sites: whole+sum.

whole+sum provides fresh and delicious meals across breakfast, lunch and dinner that offer balance, choice and flavour without exceeding 8700KJ.