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Food Service

Compass Group’s food offers range from contract catering, to consumer retail outlets and vending solutions. No matter the location or the number of customers, we work hard to deliver quality meals every time.

We recognise that every meal is an experience, that everyone’s tastes are different and needs vary between individuals. Our dedicated front line customer service employees are supported by a dedicated and experienced culinary team, which include our in-house team of nutritionists and dieticians, talented Executive Chefs and innovative consultant chefs.

Our range of consumer brands offers a variety of food solutions that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations, whether it is a grab-n-go solution or a modern incarnation of a traditional Italian café. Compass Group’s range of consumer brands ensures there is one to meet any specific need and location.

Organisations continue to outsource their foodservice to us because they recognise Compass Group can:

  • Improve the quality of their food offering
  • Provide innovative menus and access to world-class culinary talent
  • Tap into years of local and international experience
  • Deliver while meeting the highest health, safety, environment and quality standards
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