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Indigenous Training and Employment

Compass Group (Australia) has long been committed achieving positive, sustainable and capacity building outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Directly employing Indigenous Australians via our Indigenous Training and Employment Program (ITEP), particularly in Compass Group’s remote and regional operations, is integral to our three pronged Indigenous Strategy.

The ITEP boasts a committed Indigenous Employment team with six full time Employment Coordinators whose sole purpose is to promote Indigenous employment.

Comprehensive pre-employment training is provided for those applicants who have limited experience or are not currently employed via a broad range of fully accredited training programs through the nationally recognised William Angliss Institute and the Aboriginal Registered Training Organisation Chris Thiesfield & Associates.

The ITEP arms potential employees with general skills applicable to any position, as well as industry specific training.  As many ITEP participants are employed within Compass Group’s remote mining operations, classroom learning and one-on-one mentoring are both utilised to teach Aboriginal applicants how to cope with cultural and geographical isolation. 

After completing the ITEP, Aboriginal employees are given traineeships, apprenticeships and employment across all sectors of Compass’s business, which includes hospitality, catering, housekeeping, security, building and construction, facilities management, aged care and events. 

Cultural sensitivity training is also provided for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Compass employees, resulting in mutual respect in the workplace and a higher rate of retention for ITEP graduates. 

The success our ITEP is in the numbers: Compass Group directly employs more than 500 Indigenous Australians and is committed to increasing our number of Indigenous employees to more than 1550 (or 10 percent of our employee base) over the next 3 years.   Learn more about this commitment to Indigenous participation.

Warrigal Program: Indigenous jobseekers launch hospitality careers with help from Compass Group and Westpac Group 
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