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Our people MAP

MAP, short for Management and Performance, is the Group-wide framework we use for managing our business.

MAP focuses on the key drivers of our performance:

  • Client Sales & Marketing: growing our markets and our new and existing client relationships.
  • Consumer Sales & Marketing: earning ongoing consumer loyalty to grow volume, participation and spend.
  • Cost of Food: the optimal quality and range for our customers delivered at the lowest cost with the most efficient in-unit production.
  • Unit Costs: delivering the right service in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Above Unit Costs: creating the simplest organisational model with the fewest layers and reduced bureaucracy.

As a service company, we believe our people are the key to the success of our business and therefore, underpinning this is our People MAP which focuses on continuing to develop our people to be the best in our industry and ensuring they have a strong connection to our strategy, understand how they contribute to our success and are motivated to deliver for our customers.

Our human resources team is aligned to each of our business sectors and functions to deliver strategic solutions at the right levels. We are committed to providing exceptional opportunities for employees to develop their careers and achieve their full potential. We aim to attract, develop and retain great people who are proud to work for Compass Group. We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference.

MAP is fundamental to driving consistent performance across the Group and the discipline it brings to the way we run the business. MAP continues to be embedded deeper in the organisation, not only providing us with the intensity of focus that is driving our performance, but also a common language and agenda, enabling everyone to think, act and behave as ‘one Compass’.

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